kemo cafe by Takezamurai (Itachigokko)

What better way to celebrate Independence Day (in my country) than with some porn.
The glorious decensored version was delivered thanks to awesome Sachy. Also, a special thanks goes to CrismonBlood (check out his DA or tumblr, he draws some awesome manly sexiness) for providing raw. And of course our new lovely proofreader eyms13.
A sort of secret project this time but next, some time till end of the week, we'll definitely release something from the future project list.

Title: kemo cafe
Author: Takezamurai
Circle: Itachigokko
Genre: bara, furry

A few additional info:
1. Kamizawa Reiji's work are being worked on. In fact 2 are already translated, but it's not all up to us (updating only because we get a lot of search hits containing Kamizawa's name).
2. Donations are open again so we can buy OPERA vol. 38-39 in which some chapters of Tokyo Shinjuu are published.  We don't know when they'll be released in tankobon and we don't want to miss them. But if you're in possession of the magazines and you can scan please contact us

EDIT: Just received last released Tokyo Shinjuu volume and confirmed that chapter from OPERA 37 is in the tankobon, so we don't need to buy that number (well that'll make things a lot easier :D).


  1. Anonymous25/6/13 16:59

    Thank you so much!

  2. XD
    Thank you!

  3. do you have papasiri 3 by takezamurai?