Incest 01 by Nekotsuki Izumi (Kinokotei)

I've noticed a lot of new comments in last few days (I have no idea why that happened) and there is few things I'd like to clarify.

  1. Odukun no vita Sexualis is not dropped. I already stated here I'll work on the Futari no Himitsu. I find the story a cockblock though so I'm not keen on translating it right away. I'll also translate the continuation of the main story which was not published in the volume. Only the "17" is in the air, but if there is any translator that really wants to translate it contact me, I'll gladly make a deal with you.
  2. Mauri to Ryuu, the volume released by Moto Haruhira last month, is the volume that contains Tokoharu no Kariudo (3rd and 4th story). Please buy the volume to support, either physical or digital version. And no I'm not going to work on the rest of the book. I'm not found of the author enough to buy the book. I have access to 2nd and 5th story but not the title one, Mauri to Ryuu, which was the only one from the remaining 3 that triggered my interest. But if somebody is willing to donate the scans I may reconsider.
  3. I'm searching for an editor to help me with more fluffy titles. Editing takes a ways my time from translating (and I never liked it to begin with) therefore I'm searching for someone that has at least some basic experiences. You'd work on what you like, but mainly on titles in the line of Odukun, Tokyo Shinjuu and the likes. 
  4. There's Tumblr now, so go and reblog the hack out of it :P
  5.  And the poll on right will be open for few more days.
Finally off to release. This was not on my project list because I've done in per request from certain someone from BaraChan. Second story is in the works as well, but it'll take time since it's a bi less happy-go-lucky. The two stories are not connected and only have the common theme :)
Anyway enjoy the lovely PWP.
Also warning: though there's mostly cock action, last few pages contain vagina action as well. If that's not up to your taste, finish reading at the first END flag (but you'll miss on awesome twist; it's your choice though).

Title: Incest 01
Author: Nekotsuki Izumi
Circle: Kinokotei
Genre: bara, hentai


No PDF this time cause I'm just fulfilling the request :)

EDIT: Totally forgot to say its thanks to sachy_a for the awesome uncensored version <3~~


  1. Anonymous3/6/13 12:42

    This is great, thank you for the release! Amazing! I look forward to your next update!

  2. Thank you so much for this, dear XD
    Looking forward to Incest 2 too ;)

  3. Anonymous25/6/13 16:59

    thank you so much!

  4. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Anonymous29/7/13 04:48

    This looks awesome, thank you!