Odukun no Vita Sexualis ch3a by Kashio

Despise everything this delay  is quite inexcusable and unfortunately it'll continue till end of March. I should be able to make another release before end of February, whether that will be Tokoharu or Odukun... I have no idea.

I have few updates.
  1. Change of rules. Since some people don't know what it means not to upload to online viewers I'm switching to secure pdf files. Yes "normal" jpg/png release will be uploaded as well but added at unknown point in time. Initial release will be in pdf from now on.
  2. Odukun no Vita Sexualis got continued in latest recottia. I found out that on the day of its release. It had great affect on me (I finished translating chapter 3 till the end on the day because of this news xD) and yes I will work on the continuation. However recottia is digital magazine and since Japanese digital stores have DRMs I'm not very good at braking, it may take until tankobon release until you'll see the continuation. If there is anybody that can help me here please let me know.
  3. Eventually I will scanlated Himitsu no Aru Futari from Odukun book, it is not a priority project though. I have yet to decide about 17 (but I'll put up raws if nothing else).
  4. I've made a goal to scanlate 20 different titles this year (it my do more cause there will be quite a few DJs too). Here you can see the list of works I've already decided to work on. If there is a title you'd like me to work on or that I give it more attention please continue reading here.
Of to actual release now :D
Title: Odukun no Vita Sexualis
Author: Kashio
Genre:  BL
Chapter: 3a


And the promised fixed version for first 2 chapters:

Notes on chapter 3: the narration in chapter 3 is very interactive. Usually it speaks form third persons POV but sometimes it presents Odu or Araragi's thoughts. There is no clear distinction among these 3 voices in Japanese. To make it easier for you I've used different font depending on who speaks. However this is my interpretation. So official translation would be very much different. Actually I'd love to see who an official translator would translate this work. Side from what I already mentioned the story heavily relays on text, at times I though I was reading a light novel rather than a manga. Unfortunately my lack of knowledge and the fact that English just doesn't work like that made this part not very well seen. It also made me want to give up translating the work xD but hopefully what I've made with Michi is smoothly readable and does not present any problems in understanding the story.

I'd like to state here extra thanks to tru for being super constructive with my work on first 2 chapters, and of course Michi. I don't think I'd ever even dared to release chapter 3 if it weren't for her.

And I just realised this is in time for Valantine's Day :O I hope you'll all have fun celebrating :)


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