Future projects

Some already know that in March I'm going to Japan for a month. It will be a perfect opportunity to buy some manga and avoid the shipping and customs costs. Aside from titles I'd like to buy for my personal collection there are also few I'd like to buy for scanlating purpose. So I made a list of titles I think it would be fun to work on, where released in last 3-4 years and are from fairly unknown mangaka to English fandom. With few titles from known authors here and there the list amounts to about 150 titles. It obviously needs to be cut down. And here is where you come in.
You can see the list here at akahoshitakuya and this is how you can help me:

  1. Let me know in the comments if you know a title is already scanned (please state if scans are Japanese or Chinese), also this are the titles I managed to find myself.
  2. Let me know if you saw any of the titles on future project list or current project list of other scanlaitors. These are the ones I found myself.
  3. Donate (button on right). In case you will donate 10€ or more please write a title you're most interested in the comment. I'll make sure to give more attention to it. Or buy from me so both of us will have something right away.
The result will be as follows: title with already existing scans will have lower chances of me buying it and if there is a group who plans to work on a title I'll leave it to them. Most of the titles on my must buy list so with extra money I'll buy something according to my taste. However if you'll donate I'll take your wishes in account. And yes I'm begging for money, the trip was not planed therefore I do not have appropriate amount of money to make huge manga buys as I did 4 years ago :/

And since this entry is about future projects... well here is the list of works I already have and will work on them. And here is the list of titles I'll try to find the most, especially first 5 titles. The rest is very much changeable, but at least it'll give you the basic idea of my vogue preferences.

Please note that the lists above exclude bara titles I'd like to work on . I'm not sure where or how to list them. I'm actually open to any title suggestions here, preferably something that cannot be found online as I'd like to buy it.
And since I'm speaking of it, I've already announced this @ LJ and NM that these are also the titles I'll work on:
-Shinigami-chan ga Yuku by Yodogawa Yuo & Setsuna Kai (not really bara, but who cares) or any other release I find by the two
And what I'm dubbing Kamizawa Reiji Yakuza Uke series. Already confirmed are:
-Default Ore no Gumi ni Atotsugi no Koibito ga Konnani Do S na wake dattandaga
-YGO ~ Yakuza no Gokuko Osu Chichishibari
-Hen'ai no Tessen/The iron wire of partiality pt1, pt2
Or any other SARK release I'll find.


  1. Anonymous14/2/13 21:00

    have a nice trip!:) good time!
    and like the lists and projects, your plans! looking forward:)

  2. Anonymous16/2/13 04:08

    Hello!! I know 2 that are alredy scanned, these are:

    1-http://book.akahoshitakuya.com/b/4893937480 in chinese
    2-http://book.akahoshitakuya.com/b/4864420335 in chinese

    If I have to vote I will chose these (sorry I can't Donate, this is only my wish :-)


    Hope you have a nice trip :)

    1. Thank you for letting me know o/

      And out of the titles you voted for Kaikan Soda is on my priority list and someone was nice enough to scan their copy for me (not useful scans for scanlations though) and after reading it I can say I love it so much i'd regret not working on it :D

    2. Anonymous17/2/13 17:55

      wiiiii that is great ^.^

  3. bunny, could you grab this one?

    If its not in your buy list, please pm me on bara.xibia so i could send you reimbursement privately