T.S.D Vol.1 by Kobucha

Happy Sunday Everyone!!! ^^

You may wonder why Nachi's not the one posting this release but, because of various reasons, she's entrusted me with the all-important tasks of posting our releases over here and on our tumblr page so I hope I won't disappoint ^^;... 

On a more serious note, we really need help with the following positions:
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So if you're interested in helping out, just drop us an email at bunny26a3@gmail.com and help us spread more yaoi goodness :D

Anyway, today's release is a really hot bara with very cute story ^^ so hope you guys like it....

Title: T.S.D.
Author: Kobucha
Circle: Dokudenpa Jushintei
Vol.: Vol.1
Summary: [+/-] show/hide text Akagi had always longed for Eikichi-senpai, so how did Umenda-senpai come into the equation?

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