Translaitor(s) desperatly needed

It happened over night that I (aka Nachi, the admin and only translator present in this group) wont be able to translate for about a month from now on. This means quite a huge set back for the group. We'll live from the scripts that piled up which will enable us to make a release per week or so (still depends on our lovely editors and typesetters). But after that it's a new start.

Therefore I'd love to acquire a new translator to help us or maybe to stay. As a translator you'll get a sort of freedom to work on a title you want. Tokyo Shinjuu, Mi Diablo and Himitsu no Aru Futari 2 (from Odukun) are not on the list though. But you'll be free to work on other current projects like Fudanshi-kun no Honey days, 17 (from Odukun) or Incest 2.
No problem if you don't like any of the above three. There's still our future list. I've added  summaries to give you a better picture what they're about. Setsuna Kai's Kaikan Soda is still not on the list though ^^;;
And since I'm desperate enough you can choose from Yanagisawa Yukio's Kami to Pen and ZAKK's Canis ~ Dear Mr. Rain~ as well.

As translator you don't need any experiences with translations for scanlators, but you do need a good grasp of Japanese and English. Many of the projects do not have furigana, but are rarely demanding with kanji. As long as you feel confident enough with your Japanese to read every other manga title you should be fine.
While I'm not particularly demanding from my staff and don't like to set deadlines I'll expect you to turn at least one script per month (of course this is optional depending on RL situation and length of the chapter).

If the above projects sound interesting to you and the conditions passable please contact us at bunny26a3 @ gmail.com.

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