Shinigami-chan ga Yuku by R-rated PINPON Dash

This took way more time than planed. Half of it was done by /y/ and i kinda got their permission to include it with the rest of the DJ (cause I wouldn't do the first part anyway, you know no doubles on my plate and stuff). I really didn't felt like doing any decent editing job so second half is really not our usual standard. The hight and some of the translation was sort of matched to the /y/ version. Also there few tiny mistakes in /y/ part but not important enough to fix them.
And I guess I can bring your attention to the fact that this doujin was made by Yodogawa Yuo and Setsuna Kai. We're already working on Yodogawa Yuo manga, but we're also planing to work on Setsuna Kai manga Kaikan Soda (I forgot to add it to our future list). Also I'm well aware that one just did (Icha Love Koukai Hakamapple) and the other is about to release another book (Sefure no Heart no Tsukamukata), but currently there is no plan to work on either of the two new titles.

We're still looking for some help. Editors and translators wanted. You'll be able to work on any of our current/future projects (accept you won't be able to edit Fudanshi-kun as we got one freelancer for that one o/).

Title: Shinigami-chan ga Yuku
Author: Setsuna Kai & Yodogawa Yuo
Circle: R-rated PINPON Dash
original doujinshi
Summary: [+/-] show/hide text One day a Shinigami-chan visits Togou Souma and tells him he's about to die but that can be postponed if Souma is wiling to please Sninigami-chan. Just as all seems to be fine again it turns out Shinigami-chan has more than one trick in his selves.
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