Tokyo Shinjuu by Totempole

First of I have to say I'm proud of you guys... Fudanshi-kun has yet to find it's way to online readers :O The last time I made the usual released it was on OR the same day :/ If it'll continue like this I might drop the idea of PDF files :D I guess we'll go back to PDF. Tokyo Shinjuu is on ORs already.... and fugly ones at that <_<

I must say I'm super happy I can present you nother new series. This one will stay with us for quite some time. Currently is has 4 volumes and it's still ongoing. By the way this is the series because of which we want to buy OPERA magazine. If you'll like it, please consider donating.

Totempole has been releasing this since 2008 as web manga and doujinshi. Each chapter came with different cover which I'll try to include in the files. Also I decided to use Totempole for romanized version of the authors name (and not Totem Pole or what ever else you might have seen). It's the version the author most often used and it is also the transcription used in published volume at the back where detailed print informations are given.

And a word about strange file name. I decided to name this volume v01a and the second one will be v01b. The first two Japanese volumes are not numbered but are separated into first and last part. However the third volume beside having subtitle it also has Tokyo Shinjuu 2 on the cover. I'd just like to stick with this numbering because it'll make it easier in the future.

Short cuts for those that are interested:
-Japanese variety show (I recommend reading most linked articles as well)
-Blue Spring/Aoi Haru full subtitled movie | trailer
-Thee Michelle Gun Elephant - Taiyou wo Tsukande shimatta

Also the chapter contains some accent because it is so in original as well. I rarely show accent in my translations but I wanted to include it this time because it is also a topic discuses in the chapter. So no, those are not typos.

Super short summary: Miyasaka decided to try his luck as assistant director in entertainment industry. His first impression of director Yano was not the best but it slowly started to changed after he managed to see his smile when they talked about a movie.

Title: Tokyo Shinjuu
Author: Totempole
Genre: Yaoi

Chapter 1

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