Tokyo Shinjuu by Totempole

This chapter should be released much earlier but stuff happened therefore providing the ugly PDF quality -.-;; EDIT: It's a bit less ugly now cause I found out how to do prettier PDFs with images.

We're still looking for some help:
  1. Editor or typesetter. Preferably editor who can do both cleaning and typesetting. Basic experiences are needed (you should be fine as long as you're familiar with what's written here). Help needed mainly for Fudanshi-kun and Mi Diablo atm, but other projects are available as well.
  2. Translator. Obviously Japanese to English. No prior experiences needed but sufficient knowledge of Japanese and English is necessary. Help needed for onshots from Odukun book (furigana included) but most projects from Future list are available as well (a lot of them do no have furigana).
We take everybody freelance, full-time, etc. If interested please contact us at bunny26a3 @ gmail.com (remove underscores).

And links for your connivance:
-Monmari @ wiki
-1st ever played Monmari @ YouTube (subbed): pt1; pt2

Title: Tokyo Shinjuu
Author: Totempole
Genre: Yaoi

Chapter 2 (PDF)

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    1. I didn't wanted to exposed it to silly leechers to soon so I've delayed the MU announcement. It wasn't never on front release page and for the moment seems to work. Non of the aggregate sites has the second chapter up yet. Yey for us xD

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