Tokoharu no Kariudo c02 by Moto Haruhira [end]

I wish I could have released this earlier but unfortunately I couldn't. Finals are here and I'm about to graduate in about a month so until this calms down do not expect to much from me.

You'll find the project page in the above menu. All current and future projects are listed there. Also this is the page where you'll find "normal" zip downloads with the jpg/png files inside which will not be separately announced. It is not certain yet when I'll add them though, after a day, maybe after a week. Release posts will continue containing pdf files.

And if you'll read the page you'll see that I'm about to start working on Mi Diablo by Kajimoto Reika. And this particular work is giving me a bit of a problem. The thing is that it contains some Spanish. Now translating Spanish is not the problem, the problem is that I don't know where I should translate it. Originally a Japanese reader is not suppose to understand the Spanish parts so in that regard leaving it as such would make sense. But some times it is a bit easier to understand the feelings characters have if Spanish is understood as well. But if we do include the translation a bit of the original artwork would be lost. And at the very end..... i've never been found of notes because i think they disturb be flow of reading to much.
That said I think it's best if you decide what is the best option. Please vote :) EDIT: Poll on the right. And on to the release.
At this point I'd like to say thank you j0h4nn4 for sharing scans and I want to welcome our lovely new editor Sachy (visit her blog, she's done some lovely Zero/Sanji DJs with some awesome people).

Title: Tokoharu no Kariudo
Author: Moto Haruhira
Genre:  shounen-ai
Chapter: second half



  1. Anonymous3/5/13 20:56

    Thanks so much for this ^^

    Hmmm...as for the Spanish, is it possible to leave a little footnote somewhere for the translation? Or perhaps put a translation in an end page?

  2. Thank you for the release!

    I think it'd look better if you translated it in english, but if it means too much work, I think it may look okay with a discreet sidenote.

  3. Anonymous4/5/13 00:17

    I'd agree with the first comment; either a footnote at the bottom of page or a translation page(s) at the end. That way the manga maintains the original intention of having the Spanish parts a separate language from the main language but still allows the meaning of the Spanish parts to be available for people who want to have a better understanding of the characters, etc.

  4. thank you so much for sharing this chapter. ^^

  5. Anonymous4/5/13 08:24

    I just now arrived on your site (didn't know it) but I can't resist to a poll, so I'll tell you my opinion! :)
    I think if an author, who writes in a certain language for intended audience of the same language, writes something in a language which is surely poorly understood in their country (like... anything but English... I guess), every translation should keep that feeling in mind.
    Sure it'd be nice to have notes with the translation, but if the author didn't use them probably she wanted the mystery, the exoticism, ...
    That's what I think, Thanks for listening and good work!

  6. Anonymous4/5/13 10:03

    Thank you for the release! :)

  7. Anonymous4/5/13 10:14

    Thank you! :D

  8. Anonymous4/5/13 11:17

    Thank you so much for this! Yay for Moto Haruco~

  9. Thanks so much for the release!
    Regarding the Spanish parts, I voted for the last option (leave it as it is with notes somewhere)

  10. Anonymous4/5/13 18:15

    thank you so much! I voted for the third option.

  11. Anonymous4/5/13 19:16

    Than you so much!! ^^

  12. Anonymous4/5/13 19:57

    thanks for the hard work and sharing

  13. Anonymous4/5/13 22:57

    What a lovely story. Thank you so much :-)

  14. Anonymous4/5/13 23:32

    Thank you very much !

  15. Anonymous4/5/13 23:54

    Thank you ^^

  16. Anonymous5/5/13 09:56

    Thank you so much for sharing :)

  17. Anonymous7/5/13 01:18

    Thank you very much!!

  18. Thank you I love Moto Sensei.

  19. I changed my vote (I didn't read properly the first time and thought you were translating it from Spanish OTL). So I vote for no translation, and maybe some notes but not necessarily.

  20. Anonymous29/5/13 09:22

    Thank you very much!It's a lovely story ^_^
    ummm... is there a possibility that you will also scanlate the 3 other oneshots by Moto Haruhira? :D

    1. Not at the moment. I'm not planing to buy the book for the moment and out of the 3 onshots I'm interested in title story the most (the one about dragon), which is ironically the only one I don't have scans of :/
      But if somebody would donate it I'd do it.

  21. Thank you so much for finishing the manga! Congratulations! Really appreciate the hard work ^ ^