Odukun no Vita Sexualis ch3b by Kashio

So even after coming back I lazed around just like Odu does. But call to reality in RL made me want to do some scanlations in free time as well.

Anyway this makes is the second part of chapter 3 and also the last chapter that talks about Araragi and Odu. After this I'm taking a short break from Kashio or at least the whole Odukun story and its book. I need to work on some new stuff ^^;;

That said my previous Future projects post is out of date. I still take donation but they're not as necessary as they were. As for the actual list you should still look at this list.

Enjoy ~~~

Gotta love that "what should I do" puppy look :3 

Download chapter 3b pdf

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Yup, still watching you :/


  1. Anonymous16/4/13 02:01

    Thanks a lot for the new release!

  2. Thank you very much!

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    Thank you!

  4. Anonymous16/4/13 05:38

    thank you very much!! I love this manga :D

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    thank you so much!

  6. Life is hard....XD
    But I glad you get the time to make this release!
    Thank you!!!

  7. Looks like he's on the move.
    Thank you for this!

  8. Looks like he's on the move.
    Thank you for this!

  9. wah wah is there more to come from this story, wahhh please update more on this in the futureee onegaishimasuuuu and ganbatte on you finalsss and congrats on graduationssss my surrounding are all graduating this year haha

    this manga just thrills and twinges my heart like no other in a long while, thank you for all the translation!! fighto!

    and thank you because you have just introduce me to a new favorite author/artist~!! <3

  10. Wahhh i just checked the projects file and there are quite a bit of chapter left for this manga whewww~ <3 will be waiting and anticipating hehe


  11. Thanks so much! And I hope you come back to this book in the future ^^

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    Aww, cute. Thank you.

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    Oops, i meant he new story. Lol

  14. Its so f***g goooooooood! OMG i'm so happy and thankful to you guys!
    I wish there was more of them, but it's fine anyway since is such a great manga <3

    Hopefully you can continue till the end :)